About XCOQ
Company name: XCOQ
Regulatory body: ASIC Australian regulators; New Zealand regulators
Company website: http://www.xcoq.com
Establishment time: 2008
In China: 2 years
Note: Oakland, London, Sydney, Hongkong, Shenzhen
Trading platform: MT4
Point difference: floating, 1.8
Lowest account amount: $200
Maximum leverage: 1:400
Lowest trading hand number: 0.01 hands
Company profile:
COQ GROUP X (XCOQ) is a service provider for foreign exchange transactions.. In addition to providing foreign exchange transactions, but also to provide including gold, silver, crude oil, CFD (CFD) and stock trading. XCOQ group, the world's leading financial Broker's Firm. Subject to New Zealand regulators, Australian regulators. And set up wealth compensation insurance and risk control supervision mechanism. Always walk in the front line. Customer service.
Company founder, source in France the Gauls, to cherish the memory of ancestors, in France the Gallic Rooster display derived its image of the logo; company by a have financial industry in the background of senior experts and professional staff team, they come from different areas of expertise. XCOQ was established, after many times of expansion. From the initial to the individual investors to provide insurance, foreign exchange, securities, stocks and other financial products advisory services, to 2008 received FSP authorized, 2015 for ASIC Australian regulatory, business and market rapid expansion.
Subject to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), regulatory number: XXXXXX. XCOQ is focused on foreign exchange transactions. 2008, become the foreign exchange futures traders. 2012 into the Chinese retail service market, and successfully achieved ASIC authorization in 2015.
XCOQ strictly abide by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) of the regulations, to provide customers with professional financial services. Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is the Australian financial services and market statutory regulatory body, responsible for regulatory Australian companies, financial markets, and financial services organizations, and investment, pensions, insurance and bank deposits and loans.
Platform to provide the market leader in foreign exchange spreads, you will experience unparalleled price spread offers. Repeatedly been rated as foreign retailers in the best foreign exchange service providers, also in the world has won numerous awards from, award-winning customer service team and quality service, its inception, has been to user experience as the criterion and philosophy: born for forex (foreign exchange), the technology research make platform stability, smooth transaction, no traders through type are better than homogeneous company.
So far, and multi media resources to carry out strategic cooperation, Sina foreign exchange, gold exchange, ark of Finance and economics, and exchange; Daily commentary by the Chinese media adopted, such as Ping An Bank, China Merchants Bank, foreign exchange trend research room, great wisdom, China Gold Economic Research website, country yuan securities, GF Securities, Huaxi Securities, securities Star, Eastern wealth network, a good buy fund, Hualong securities Huaan securities and other domestic nearly a thousand more than the famous finance and economics.
Our customers benefit up to 400:1 leverage Forex, unrestricted use of expert advisory system (EAS), free trading tools and charting package and on four different equipment of mobile transactions. For the MT4 platform, we have a qualified expert team, deep knowledge and valuable experience.
Strict supervision and financial security
XCOQ is affected by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is authorised and regulated, we all of our customer funds provide the highest level of security, it will be stored in the world's leading independent bank account.
Anytime, anywhere to trade
Just a stable network connection, XCOQ can let you anywhere management accounts, close to the market. We offer a trading platform, from desktop computers to smart phones, and tablets. Let you no longer need to stay at home for a long time, can get market information, seize trading opportunities.
Diversified trading products
In addition to the main straight plate, perfunctory disc and other currencies on the outside, we also provide: gold, silver, platinum, copper, wheat, sugar, soy, corn, the main stock index, stocks of individual companies in the US and Europe, national debt. All trading products are able to trade simultaneously on a single platform, so that you take all opportunities.
Strict compliance with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) guidelines and regulatory requirements, XCOQ holds a license for foreign exchange (Forex) transactions related business.

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