Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) is the Australian financial services and market regulators. ASIC is committed to the protection of the reputation of the Australian economy and health in order to ensure that the Australian financial market fair and transparent, and has been confident, professional investors and consumers to support. ASIC is a fully independent federal government agencies, the establishment and management of companies and enterprises, and to supervise the majority of their operations.

Requirements of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission's 2001 bill XCOQ

Maintain, promote and improve the implementation of the financial system and financial entities;

Enhance the confidence of investors and consumers in the financial system and promote the participation of public information;

The most convenient procedure and the most effective enforcement of the law;

Enforcement of compulsory law;

To disclose information to the public about the company and other institutions as soon as possible;

ASIC's top priority

Services and the protection of retail investors and consumers in the financial markets;

Establish the integrity of the Australian capital market confidence;

Promoting international capital flows and international law enforcement;

To deal with the impact of the global financial turmoil on the domestic and international;

Australian Financial Services License

All Australian entities that provide financial services must hold a valid Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). This license will empower you and your company to provide financial services to the customers. The Permit Holder shall have the obligation to comply with the principles set by the company law of s912A and 912B:

Must be effective, honest and impartial in conducting business operations;

To provide financial services to the organization's ability to maintain order within the scope of the license;

Ensure that they provide adequate capacity for financial services and are subject to adequate professional training;

With strong financial strength, professional technology, and human resources reserves;

Have a sound risk management system;

Reasonable interest conflict management mode;

Compliance with the relevant laws in financial services to ensure that their representatives can also act in accordance with the law;

XCOQ's performance obligations

In accordance with the requirements of ASIC, the broker's margin must be higher than the total balance of the customer's total assets:

Professional liability insurance - XCOQ has the current international professional liability insurance, through a total of 2 million Australian dollars of insurance funds for the protection of any claims customers may encounter.

The financial industry monitoring programme - XCOQ is one of the members of the FOS reserve. This is approved by the ASIC, in order to mediate the dispute of the external service agencies. FOS can resolve the dispute between all clients and financial service members in a fair and independent way.

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